The Rising Tides launched in 2015 and has grown quickly into a global consulting and advisory firm. We work collaboratively with our clients to continually refine and enhance our data and offerings. In a dynamically changing and highly charged field, we strive to be the leaders in bringing to our clients and followers the provocative thinking and proven techniques that will transform your organization into one that works for everyone. 

Our principals have extensive experience in consulting, statistics, algorithmic modeling, and public speaking. By applying these disciplines to advancing the experience of women in the workplace, we help companies identify quickly the areas of greatest impact and track progress in quantitative ways. 

We are unapologetically pro-woman.


We support, partner with, and patronize women-owned businesses whenever possible. 

Our trusted partners bring points of view to our clients in areas we believe perfectly complement the focus of The Rising Tides.


We look forward to working with you. 

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Eileen Scully


In my 20+ years working in and around the research and advisory field, I’ve worked with and for an impressive list of companies and clients, In doing so, I’ve learned from some of the smartest leaders anyone could ever hope to know, and witnessed first-hand the growth of a dynamic and fascinating industry.  


I’ve also had the good fortune to work beside some great leaders, and some fantastic mentors.  It is from these individuals that my passion for strengthening the roles women can play in each other’s success grew.  As women, not only are the demands on our professional lives extending but as our personal lives are continuing to flourish, I believe we need to move closer to a business culture that appropriately supports both.  We need to help each other get to a place where the work/family debate is behind us.

"Stories about women who have succeeded are great and necessary — but I want to tell the stories about why we can’t stop there — why we need to use that platform to make the journey easier for the next ones."

In June of 2016, I was honored to be invited by the Obama White House to participate in the United State of Women, one of five thousand global advocates for women and girls. My summary report can be found here

In November of 2017 and again in November of 2018, I was named one of Irish America Magazine's Business 100 honorees. 

In August of 2018, I keynoted the IEEE's first Women's event in Tunisia. In September of 2018, I was invited to go back to Tunisia to give my first TEDx talk in Sfax, Tunisia. In March of 2019, I spoke at the ArabWIC (Women in Computing) conference in Rabat, Morocco on International Women's Day. In April of 2019, I was named to Irish Echo's Community Champions. 

And in September of 2019, my first book was published. 

You are welcome to review my professional credentials here.  



Melissa Reagan Brunetti Consultant

After spending more than 20 years as a consultant, most of which was as a senior analyst at Gartner, I have more recently consulted in the Health and Wellness area. I perform client assessments, analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data points to create an action plan. I've been published on HuffingtonPost.com and remain an active public speaker. Most recently I delivered presentations and participated as a panelist at events focused on building confidence and empowering women sponsored by one of the top 25 asset management companies in the world.


My ability to quickly assess the pain points inside of a client's environment and deliver reasonable and achievable recommendations make me a key asset to this team.


"As women, we often focus on our inadequacies, whether it be flaws we see in our figure or other aspects of our lives. "

At Gartner, I led a variety of consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies across several industries including energy, consumer products, healthcare, financial services, government, and manufacturing. 


I examined the efficiency and effectiveness of the IS organization and the technologies utilized using a standard chart of accounts, and assisted clients with data collection in order that we could compare them to other organizations of similar size, workload, or industry.  We gathered qualitative data by conducting end-user focus groups and business leader interviews. I created and delivered presentations that included strategic recommendations to top-level executives (CIO, CEO, CFO) and senior leadership teams.

Now, I specialize in data modeling, data collection, benchmarking and research analysis.