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Women are accomplishing more every year. We’re graduating from university with bachelors and masters degrees at higher rates than men, and have been since the late 70s. Seventy percent of high school valedictorians are women. We're entering the workforce at higher rates globally every year, and are staying in the workforce longer. 

But those achievements start to flatten once we enter the workforce. Our collective wisdom and experience is often overlooked or ignored, resulting in lower lifetime earnings than our male peers, and tremendous opportunity cost to the economies into which we contribute. 

The Rising Tides was created to equip organizations with the data and knowledge to maximize the potential of their entire workforce through adapting workplace cultures and practices to work better for every employee.


Because making workplaces better for women makes them better workplaces for everyone. 


Our founder, Eileen Scully, is available for speaking engagements of any size.

Content can be customized for your audience and time constraints.

Also available for webinars, panel discussions, and facilitation.


The Rising Tides launched the

Leadership Diversity Index in late 2018. It evaluates and rates each of the Fortune 50 companies on the representation of women and people of color on their Boards of Directors and Executive Leadership Teams. 



We assess your current corporate cultures, create measurable plans for improvement, and track progress towards goals. We restart stalled or anemic ERGs. We provide points of view that support funding women's leadership programs throughout the enterprise. 


In the Company of Men:

How Women Can Succeed in a World Built Without Them 

The world of work was created by and for men, leaving the rest of us to figure out the best way to contribute and function, in environments that were often less than welcoming. 



The mission of The Rising Tides is to drive a work culture that supports women regardless of life stage and allows each of our boats to rise together, never at the expense of one another. 

In doing this, we will improve the workplace for everyone. 



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